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  • Maurice vdBrink

    Maurice vdBrink

  • Postglobalism


  • Ana Carini Seiford

    Ana Carini Seiford

    Ana Carini operates an independent boutique creative agency that has been immersed in projects globally on a range of scales since 2010. www.anacarini.com

  • Joe Wiedemann

    Joe Wiedemann

    Joe is a senior communications expert based in Vienna / Berlin. He focuses on strategy, brand positioning, content & PR in the German markets. germancontent.io

  • Stephanie Veracini

    Stephanie Veracini

  • Priyanka J

    Priyanka J

    Former EU Lobbyist Turned CEO | TEDx Speaker |Sustainable Consumer Brands |

  • Denis Marques

    Denis Marques

  • 'Wine' Roland Mucciarelli

    'Wine' Roland Mucciarelli

    Blogger+Podcaster about wine and technology bringing Wine Business at the next level

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