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E-commerce for Brands

E-commerce With Coffee?! podcast guest Emily Ferguson explains

E-Commerce with Coffee?! host Nate Svoboda just interviewed Emily Ferguson, the Director of E-Commerce at Marie Claire.

Situated physically and figuratively between advertising, design, branding, and even the account managers at the Marie Claire office, Emily works to develop new products for the brand and is given the autonomy to do whatever it takes to polish the company’s delivery of its chic personality.

Is that really what an e-commerce director does, though? Who defined that role?

Five years ago, most organizations would never have thought of this position. With the number of direct-to-consumer brands now doubling year over year, however…

Small business e-commerce

Times are changing, and technology is moving faster than ever before. On top of that, a global pandemic put the trend towards online shopping into hyper speed. Not only is the need for more hygienic and socially distanced shopping years ahead of what had been predicted, but research also shows that these trends aren’t going anywhere.

Countless small brick-and-mortar businesses flocked to e-commerce, or strengthened their online presence, in order to survive COVID-19. More than a year after the quarantine was first declared, the circumstances have changed.

In lots of countries, the vaccination process is well underway, and some countries…

DTC Subscription Bubble

The DTC boom has been an exciting explosion for e-commerce brands. Direct-To-Consumer models cutting out the middle person and the shift to consumer-focused branding have enabled small and medium-sized brands to compete with corporate juggernauts. A nice chunk of the DTC brands focused on a promising model: subscriptions.

Early enthusiasm around subscriptions was easy to explain, the incredible growth was more than impressive. A great initial performance, however, isn’t everything. After all, if you shoot for the moon and miss, the nearest star might be lightyears away.

Did the subscription model miss the moon? Are they spelling out doom for…

E-commerce for Brands

E-commerce With Coffee?! Podcast guest Ben Zettler explains

Podcast host Nate Svoboda interviews Ben Zettler in this episode of E-Commerce with Coffee?!

Everyone is selling online these days, and now everyone has an opinion about e-commerce marketing. Ben Zettler steps in to simplify the conversation and focus on two elements of online marketing that have brought big benefits for the more than 200 brands he’s worked with.

Founder and owner of Ben Zettler Digital Media, Ben got his start building brands for professional athletes. He then built his own brands on Shopify. …

B2B E-commerce

Here’s What B2B Brands Need To Know About E-Commerce

E-Commerce with Coffee?! guest Brian Beck comes onto the podcast to talk about B2B shifts in e-commerce. With so much attention on consumer expectations and direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales models, B2B has been lost in the shuffle.

The shifts in B2B are arguably even more influential, however, and Brian spells out why.

Brain got his start in e-commerce back in the 1990s. In the podcast, he recalls with a certain nostalgia his first job with a computer, but without an internet connection. …

E-commerce Strategy for Brands

E-commerce With Coffee?! Podcast guest Jim Loden explains

Partnerships are what tap new possibilities for even the biggest brands. TikTok and Shopify partnered to expand their audience and influence. Taco Bell brought new and instantly addictive flavors to their menu by partnering with Doritos. Apple and Mastercard partnered to bring the world of ApplePay and drive the mobile wallet industry forward.

Not all partnerships make headlines. In fact, the most influential partnerships are those that enable a brand of any size to move forward where they otherwise wouldn’t.

Brands selling on e-commerce are faced today with a race to a finish line that seems to continually be moving…

E-commerce automation

Part of the charm that a lot of new e-commerce brands have is that they’re small-scale and personal. This charisma is great for brand personality, but smaller-sized successful brands tend to run into some roadblocks pretty quickly, especially as business gets better — and busier.

There are loads of small and simple tasks that need to be taken care of, with customer service, shipping, and every other part of the process. …

Cryptocurrency in E-com

…and what brands need to do

Cryptocurrency has been a buzzword for a while now. It’s still pretty new, though, with the first cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) invented in 2009.

New(ish) though it is, cryptocurrency has had an enormous impact on the market.

The technology behind cryptocurrency is called the blockchain, which is still esoteric enough that few people have bothered to learn what it is. Let’s set the “how” and the technical aspects aside for now, because e-commerce brands will only need to see the tech as a form of payment.

As payment, the coins themselves give e-commerce brands a much more familiar concept to latch onto…

E-Commerce Performance Marketing

When it comes to building a successful e-commerce brand, one of the fundamental pillars that often seems to be stressed more than anything is marketing.

Admittedly, this is for a good reason. A great product or service on its own won’t sell itself, and especially in the context of other brands who are offering similar products, a great marketing strategy is critical in staying competitive.

That being said, marketing isn’t everything. In fact, doubling or tripling down on marketing strategies alone can be doing you more harm than good. …

Consumer care

The title is a bit tongue-in-cheek, really. I don’t actually mean that consumers are crying out for attention or help the way children might. While there has been a need to begin to include and analyze actual children as a consumer base in recent years, what we’re actually going to be looking at is how helping consumers have the best experience can run striking and healthy parallels with how we interact with children, especially younger ones.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m not talking about infantilizing consumers. …

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