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A content contributor at Amber Engine, a software company passionate about eCommerce

E-commerce for Brands

E-Commerce With Coffee?! podcast guest Daniela Bolzmann explains

Daniela Anaviarte Bolzman is the CEO and founder of Mindful Goods. She’s a savvy brand strategist who, after a decade of experience in marketing, was drawn to e-commerce. Specifically, she had ideas for Amazon.

Daniela launched her brand Mindful Goods to work directly with Amazon sellers to craft creative product…

E-Commerce for Brands

We’ve all known someone with the “dream job” and the fancy title who, behind it all, was utterly woebegone. Job titles and income were once considered the sole metrics of success. Today, however, we know that mental and physical health are the real indicators of how successful someone really is.

E-commerce for Brands

E-Commerce With Coffee?! podcast guest Hannah Giro explains

Hannah Giro is the founder of PR Brand Marketing, a Brooklyn-based marketing firm that works with Amazon sellers. Like the changing Amazon landscape, Hannah’s firm has evolved with the times, and the lessons she’s learned about consumers and technology are exceptional.

Hannah recently took those experiences and insights to the…

E-commerce for Brands

E-Commerce With Coffee?! podcast guest Dan Ben-Nun explains

Dan Ben-Nun, founder and CEO at AdSpace and founder of the popular e-commerce brand Inkkas, joined E-Commerce with Coffee?! host Nate Svoboda for a conversation about historic trends of online sales and the new requirements of direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce.

Specifically, Dan talks about his own experience growing a worldwide DTC…

E-commerce for Brands

E-Commerce with Coffee?! podcast guest Liran Hirschkorn explains

Liran Hirschkorn, founder and CEO of Incrementum Digital, joins host Nate Svoboda on an episode of E-Commerce with Coffee?! to offer some unforgettable details about Amazon “then and now.”

Liran’s own experience growing brands on the giant e-marketplace started almost a decade ago. …

E-Commerce for Brands

How to Use Gamification to Boost Sales and Build Your Brand

How many times have you been scrolling through Facebook when you think, “there’s nothing interesting here. Why am I even on it?” Despite all the moments of joy, rage, and raucous diversion that social media provides, there are just as many moments you end up bored.

Totally and utterly bored.

E-commerce for Brands

E-commerce With Coffee?! podcast guest Christian Kelm explains

In this episode of E-Commerce with Coffee?! host Nate Svoboda talks to Christian Kelm, VP Product at AMALYZE. The analytics software firm focuses on Amazon search terms and consumer behaviors insights, which Christian explains are both necessary to pick out “products with potential” on the dominant e-marketplace.

Search volume, as…

E-Commerce for Brands

E-Commerce With Coffee?! podcast guest Steve Dinelli explains

Steve Dinelli, Chief Digital Officer at Barrington Media Group, joins an episode of E-Commerce with Coffee?! to talk about the direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce world.

Steve starts off by telling the story of his own surprising trajectory, starting with a customer acquisition operation he built out of his garage. …

E-commerce for Brands

E-commerce With Coffee?! Podcast guest Barb Davids explains

Barb Davids has been in digital marketing for 20 years.

That’s like saying you’ve been in the music business since vinyl was replaced by tape cassettes.

The changes Barb has seen span generations of online shoppers, and rolling with those changes has become her specialty.

Digital marketing in general (and…

E-commerce for Brands

Industry tips with E-Commerce With Coffee?! guest Sean Kopen

The explosion into online commerce and marketplaces has brought with it a lot of confusion and different perspectives on what it takes to have a successful e-commerce brand. From within the noise in the market, Sean Kopen speaks up and zeroes in on a few fundamental properties of successful e-commerce.

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