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E-commerce for Brands

E-Commerce With Coffee?! podcast guest Dan Ben-Nun explains

Dan Ben-Nun, founder and CEO at AdSpace and founder of the popular e-commerce brand Inkkas, joined E-Commerce with Coffee?! host Nate Svoboda for a conversation about historic trends of online sales and the new requirements of direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce.

Specifically, Dan talks about his own experience growing a worldwide DTC brand and the lessons he learned early on about customer acquisition. Dan’s own explosive success with paid ads is what later led him to start his agency and help other brands do the same.

Dan got into DTC when everything about it was new. He was an early adopter of…

E-commerce for Brands

E-Commerce with Coffee?! podcast guest Liran Hirschkorn explains

Liran Hirschkorn, founder and CEO of Incrementum Digital, joins host Nate Svoboda on an episode of E-Commerce with Coffee?! to offer some unforgettable details about Amazon “then and now.”

Liran’s own experience growing brands on the giant e-marketplace started almost a decade ago. After early success, he became more curious about the future of e-com on the platform and positioned his new brands accordingly.

As Amazon started to scale new features that today we consider universal, Liran was at the front of the pack in strategy and adoption. …

E-Commerce for Brands

How to Use Gamification to Boost Sales and Build Your Brand

How many times have you been scrolling through Facebook when you think, “there’s nothing interesting here. Why am I even on it?” Despite all the moments of joy, rage, and raucous diversion that social media provides, there are just as many moments you end up bored.

Totally and utterly bored.

E-commerce is the same way. There will be moments of excitement, anticipation, and needs being satisfied. There will also be moments of idle browsing that yield zero interesting results. E-commerce, too, quickly becomes boring.

If you ask why there are 230 million online shoppers in the U.S. if e-commerce is…

E-commerce for Brands

E-commerce With Coffee?! podcast guest Christian Kelm explains

In this episode of E-Commerce with Coffee?! host Nate Svoboda talks to Christian Kelm, VP Product at AMALYZE. The analytics software firm focuses on Amazon search terms and consumer behaviors insights, which Christian explains are both necessary to pick out “products with potential” on the dominant e-marketplace.

Search volume, as it turns out, isn’t enough to identify real product opportunities.

Christian’s passion on the topic can’t go overstated. Throughout the interview he delivers answers with confidence and striking examples.

Even the interview’s opening question (Nate’s usual pry about the guest’s relationship with caffeine) launched Christian into an in-depth answer about…

E-Commerce for Brands

E-Commerce With Coffee?! podcast guest Steve Dinelli explains

Steve Dinelli, Chief Digital Officer at Barrington Media Group, joins an episode of E-Commerce with Coffee?! to talk about the direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce world.

Steve starts off by telling the story of his own surprising trajectory, starting with a customer acquisition operation he built out of his garage. The aptly named company was called Blackbird Garage.

Steve and his growing team gained popularity on hyperspeed. The proof in the pudding was the results they delivered to clients. As a result, Barrington Media Group acquired the start-up and Steve since has grown an even more extraordinary knowledge base.

With all that…

E-commerce for Brands

E-commerce With Coffee?! Podcast guest Barb Davids explains

Barb Davids has been in digital marketing for 20 years.

That’s like saying you’ve been in the music business since vinyl was replaced by tape cassettes.

The changes Barb has seen span generations of online shoppers, and rolling with those changes has become her specialty.

Digital marketing in general (and e-commerce specifically) are changing fast. They’ve always been that way, but 2020 saw a colossal uptick. E-commerce grew by 46% last year, with sectors like online food sales growing as much as 79.3%.

There are also the audio-visual trends, with shopping experiences steeped in AR and other tech. …

E-commerce for Brands

Industry tips with E-Commerce With Coffee?! guest Sean Kopen

The explosion into online commerce and marketplaces has brought with it a lot of confusion and different perspectives on what it takes to have a successful e-commerce brand. From within the noise in the market, Sean Kopen speaks up and zeroes in on a few fundamental properties of successful e-commerce.

A seasoned e-commerce consultant, Sean Kopen actually started in sales and content strategy — not uncommon in the e-commerce world. Diving into opportunities with this growing field, however, Sean has been able to refine his knowledge on a variety of topics. Innovation in all things e-commerce has been his hallmark…

Success in E-Commerce

Learn what you need to know about the buyers you’re trying to target

Audience segmentation and personalization are huge in e-commerce now. All the top gurus say that consumers are looking for more personalizations, from product recommendations to the ads on their Instafeeds. New consumer trends also speak to major shifts in how and where consumers like to buy.

Which consumers are we talking about, though?

As it turns out, despite all the hyper-specific audience segments we can build (based on demographic and behavioral data), there’s a bigger bifurcation in the world of e-commerce that we need to address first: B2B versus B2C buyers.

E-commerce for Brands

E-commerce With Coffee?! podcast guest Chase Clymer explains

In this episode of E-Commerce with Coffee?!, host Nate Svoboda interviews Chase Clymer of Electric Eye. Chase worked from his unlikely origins in a rock band to the head of a marketing agency as a result of his insatiable desire to learn new strategies for product-based businesses.

In the interview, Chase illustrates just how expansive his knowledge has become after helping hundreds of brands increase their bottom lines.

Perhaps a dash of nerdiness helped, too.

Indeed, the very name Electric Eye comes from a beloved metal song, harkening back to Chase’s creative origins. …

E-commerce for Brands

E-commerce With Coffee?! podcast guest Emily Ferguson explains

E-Commerce with Coffee?! host Nate Svoboda just interviewed Emily Ferguson, the Director of E-Commerce at Marie Claire.

Situated physically and figuratively between advertising, design, branding, and even the account managers at the Marie Claire office, Emily works to develop new products for the brand and is given the autonomy to do whatever it takes to polish the company’s delivery of its chic personality.

Is that really what an e-commerce director does, though? Who defined that role?

Five years ago, most organizations would never have thought of this position. With the number of direct-to-consumer brands now doubling year over year, however…

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